High Pressure & Aggressive Defending of FIFA 16

  • Everyday I see plenty of topics on people either complaining about High Pressure/Aggressive Defending or asking on how to deal better with it.


    1. Don't rush the ball forward


    Exception to this is when you have a tall striker who can hold the ball upfront, it is doable but hard to pull of right.
    Going a few steps back or passing back creates space in the midfield, High Pressure always leaves space, playing too fast will not let this space develop. You opponents plays a quick tempo game , you want to slow it down.


    2. Don't keep the ball for long in the center while in your half half and around the middle.


    Seeing as most people use 4-1-2-1-2 , you have 2 strikers 1 CAM and at times a winger in the middle pressing, losing the ball here means an easy chance or counter attack for your opponent.
    The center is always crowded and easy for your opponent to crowd.


    3. Get defenders will ball skills


    Because we expect to be pressed aggressively quite often having defenders good on the ball is really important.
    CB's should have a minimum of 60-65 short passing. Over 60 in Dribbling and Agility is huge, but rare.
    Fullbacks at least 70 short passing, I personally go for at least 75 short passing and at least 70 long passing. Also important at least 70 agility and dribbling, the more better.


    4. Chose the right pass early on


    Combined with point #1 it leads us to this image/diagram:


    We have 7 passing options here:
    #1 - The pass most people would take, it's a decent pass since the opponents aren't that close, but It won't lead to much, pass the ball and in 2 seconds he is closed down
    #2 - A bit worse than #1 it's in the same ball park. There is also the chance of your pass being intercepted
    #3 - A long pass, looks like a better option than 1 and 2, but even here you won't have much time on the ball and you have to think fast.
    #4 - It's a good option the only problem is that the player there is a CB with poor ball skill most of the time and it's a pass in the middle which is quite risky



    #5 - Safest pass along with Fifa 16 coins, doesn't get forward but you have the ball and you can switch sides to the fullback
    #6 - Thats the CDM he better on the ball than my CB's but it's quite a risky pass
    #7 - Isn't listed there but it's a long ball changing sides to the RB and RM circled with red on the radar they are free and you could initiate a quick counter by doing a couple of 1-2's , I would say this is the best option you keep the ball and you can advance forward. Thats why I said you need your fullbacks to have at least 70 long passing because they will be these kinds of passes and you want them to be as accurate as possible.


    The pattern here is that most of your passing options can be pressed by 3 players in a couple of seconds and you want to try and avoid these passing options.


    These scenario happens quite often and it lets you keep the ball and have a bit more space on the other side, but not for long as with the high pressure teams they try to crowd the zone where the ball is.


    5. Don't sprint and use LT+RT dribble to bait your opponent


    Sprinting should be done only when in space, in the case of being pressed high the space is quite limited. The worst thing you can do is sprint , you are making your opponents life easier, he's got a 90 pace striker coming at full speed towards your player, you can see why sprinting isn't a good idea, add to this the low Ball Control most defenders have. Sprinting not an option.


    When holding LT+RT try and fake left or right a couple of times so you bait your opponent in going for that direction and doing a tackle which slows him down and gives you time and space to move forward and pick out a pass.


    This ca be achieved anywhere around the field as long as there is space available and you are aware of it. This move is essential to keep the ball when being pressed high and thats why you need defenders with good ball skills.

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